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Annual Report 2022

The power of purposeful technology

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Tietoevry's Annual Report and highlights of the year 2022 are now available!

The full Annual Report 2022 including Sustainability Performance, Corporate Governance Statement, Financial Review and Sustainability Report can be downloaded as interactive PDF's from this page.

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Sustainability Report 2022

Corporate Governance Statement 2022

Financial Report 2022

Tietoevry entered 2022 with a new specialization-based strategy that made the year a significant turning point for the company. The year was marked by a very diverse agenda encompassing growth acceleration, a heated talent market, drive for efficiency, portfolio decisions to unlock value, managing macro-driven risks, and maintaining strong engagement with our stakeholders. Market demand for our products and services remained solid and was well captured by our specialized businesses. Overall, we managed to successfully address the highly dynamic operating environment and progress favorably with implementing our new strategy – delivering solid performance and shareholder value, comments our President and CEO Kimmo Alkio.

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Tietoevry aims to drive value creation through specialization. Investments will be focused on businesses where the company sees competitive advantages and sustainable growth; cloud-native services, data and software engineering, and scalable software businesses, including their global expansion potential.

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Tietoevry entered 2022 with a new specialization-based strategy that made the year a significant turning point for the company.

Creating purposeful technology

Our aim is to develop digital futures where technology, humanity and responsibility are at the core.

Award-winning sustainability projects

From helping farmers predict frost to supporting retailers with energy-efficiency insights, Tietoevry and Microsoft have been making a sustainability impact in Austria.

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Inclusion drives innovation - case TIDA

TIDA is a time-keeping solution for employees with disabilities. The solution is winning wide acclaim on its way to commercial roll-out.

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Hydro-powered sovereign cloud

A new sovereign-cloud platform for municipalities in Sweden’s Norrbotten county combined 28 data centres into just a single one powered by renewables, decreasing e.g. the energy consumption.

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AI speeds up diagnosis

Using artificial intelligence to accelerate the diagnosis of certain rare diseases. The project holds promise for relieving patient suffering and reducing one of healthcare’s biggest costs.

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Assessing the ESG-risks

Banks and other financial institutions face default risk when their corporate clients fail to meet climate-change targets. We’ve developed a solution that helps loan officers weigh the risk before granting credit.

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We stand with Ukraine

Tietoevry has more than 2 000 employees in Ukraine. We have been deeply concerned for the safety of them and their families, and supporting them in these challenging times has been our top priority in 2022.

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